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Commissioned Artwork Deposit

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Commissioned artworks are personal and you can be sure that I add a personal touch to the artwork I produce for you. I am professional and have a friendly positive manner and can produce the artwork of your requirements in my style that will be both pleasing and will adorn your home or business.

Here is the business side of things for commissioned artworks. 

If for whatever reason you do not want to purchase the painting after it is completed, that is alright, however there are costs involved in producing the artwork. including, printing of images on the computer onto paper, costs of the canvas, paint and time to take to produce the artwork. therefore a minimal cost of £30 non refundable deposit would be required to undertake the commission artwork. This would show commitment to wanting an original one off piece of artwork produced by Andrew Alan Matthews

This non refundable deposit would then be deducted from the total cost of the painting when you purchase the commissioned artwork. 

I would send you updates and pictures of the completed painting, you can then purchase on my website using the paypal button 

When placing your enquiry or order please use the contact me button on the home page, and I can discuss your requirements in more detail. 

All artwork is produced in my unique style, please look on my website for examples of my work

All artworks come with a certificate of authenticity.

Testimonials and FAQs




St Pauls, London Bus & Telephone box by Night 

Everything was perfect. Bought as a gift for a friend


Extract from a valued customer

Greetings Maestro !

It was a pleasure to meet you and I am delighted to be the owner of your first “Moss Side Series” of work. 

You hardly need me to tell you, there is no shortage of talent in your hands and I hope that it can be commercially exploited to give the artistic freedom that you dream of…….

Very best wishes to you and your family for Christmas and New Year.




Testimonials from the classroom Demonstration of Urbis painting

Andy, Thanks for sharing your time & showing us your unique way of painting. its encouraged me to break away from the "norm"  Vicky.X.

Thank you very much for the demo. It was very good & we all enjoyed it, Alma.

Thanks Andy, I enjoyed your painting demonstration very much. Liz.

Lovely demo, really enjoyed it Andy, Thank you. might have a go at this. Luv Elaine. XX.

Andy it was so nice to hear your story on what has inspired you to express yourself through the medium of painting. Bernie.

Thanks, Les.

Thank you Andy for letting us watch you paint a wonderful picture & relating stories about your Dad, Ruth. 

Thank you Andy for a good day, Tom Callaghan.

Andrew Alan Matthews

Artistic experience

Andy a Manchester based artist, was also employed in the textile design industry reproducing accurate, fine quality, hand painted artwork for many years. He reproduced artwork for all the leading textile companies in the UK. He then undertook a B.A.Hons Textile Degree at Manchester Metropolitan University graduating in 1999.


He has produced many design pieces inspired by flora and fauna throughout his career and has widened his knowledge in other areas. His subject matter is varied and he has produced watercolours, gouache, acrylic and mixed media artworks over many years which have shown his virtuosity in differing styles.


He has produced children’s illustrated books which have been inspired by his daughter’s love of reading and was determined to produce them for her education and enjoyment.


Andy has produced commissioned artworks of still life, landscapes, portraits and has sold artwork to companies and private collectors.

Andy has put emphasis on the use of dark and light in his city scapes giving a modern urban feel and depth to the artwork. Andy has developed his own unique style of painting inspired by L.S Lowry's characters using loose free flowing brush strokes and palette knife and ink allowing the characters in the paintings to evolve from the paint.


Andy has recently completed his cities of the world collection, Salford Quays and Manchester by night collection all depicting skylines at night.

Andy will be continuing with his cityscape collections concentrating on vibrant Manchester and London scenes, he will also explore and produce impressionistic, themes from still life to nude abstraction with the main focus on linear marks, balance and colour.


Andy likes the works of L.S Lowry, Michelangelo, William Morris, Picasso and Salvador Dali. Vincent Van Gogh 

Textile Design

over 30 years experience in textile design


The picture shows me at work in T.F.S studios second from the right. The studio produced finished films ready for engraving onto either copper roller, rotary printing and Batik rotary printing for the major printworks around manchester such as Strines printworks and Brunschweiller in Hyde also Stead Mcalpine in Scotland. the studio also reproduced designs for all the major textile companies in the UK such as Sandersons, Liberty and Laura Ashley. This company was heavily involved in all aspects of design reproduction throughout the UK. All my work with T.F.S was hand painted and I recreated designs fit for purpose to go onto rotary and copper rollers. This was a specialised career in textiles.

I produced my dissertation at university which highlighted the state of the textile industry at the time the dissertation was entitled 

"To what extent has CAD/CAM affected printed textile design and production"

 this can be found on the link below 

My design experience has further developed into designing and creating my own range of textile designs for furnishing and fashion 

I have also now branched out into producing my T shirt design collections including my positive cycle collection turning negatives to positives. focusing on positivity.

looking for that individual designer piece of artwork

 look no further my wide range of textile designs and artwork would suit either as a design or as a piece of artwork for your home and business. 

see my textile design pages for more detail.

go on buy a positively good piece of art today

I am a professional artist with over 30 years experience in art and design and produce hand painted original artwork for your modern home and business. 

I am gaining a good reputation for my artwork. I am a best selling artist on a different online gallery 

customers have provided excellent feedback for my art work. and my artwork is becoming popular and in demand.

About me

Who I am, Business mission Statement and philosophy


Andrew Alan Matthews is a proud Mancunian Artist producing original artworks of Manchester and beyond, My Brand Promotes positivity focusing on Manchester and the UK through my Art.


My philosophy, Brand and aim in life is to overcome negativity wherever that may be turning negatives to positives. This is based on my own personal experience of stress in life and how I have learnt to overcome this. 

By producing and selling my Artwork in the form of my products I have achieved this.

Modern original Art

My Brand offers modern Art for your home and business at affordable prices.

Bee Positive

Go on buy a positively good piece of Art today.

You, your home or business will love it. 

Buy a piece of  Modern Manchester and the UK today.

Terms & conditions, Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions   

The artist, Andrew Alan Matthews hereby verifies that the artworks he produces are original artworks. The purchaser will, hereafter, own the work, canvas and other materials but the artist Andrew Alan Matthews retains copyright.

No part of the work may be reproduced, photographed or transmitted in any form without prior permission in writing from the artist Andrew Alan Matthews and without this condition being imposed on any subsequent purchasers.



These terms and conditions regulate the business relationship between you and me By using my Web Site in any way, or by buying from me, you agree to be bound by them.

No person under the age of 18 years may purchase Goods.

I am, Andrew Alan Matthews, my website is

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1 Definitions

In this agreement:

“Carrier” means any person or business contracted by me to carry Goods from me to you, whether all or part of the distance.

“My Web Site” means that of which I have control over, i.e. the content meaning pictures and text produced by me on my website and not the hardware or software itself.

“Goods” means any of the Goods I offer for sale on my web site

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2 My contract with you

2.1 These terms and conditions apply:

2.1.1 so far as the context allows, to you as a visitor to my Web Site; and

2.1.2 in any event to you as a buyer or prospective buyer of my Goods.

2.2 Goods advertised may not be available.

2.3 I shall accept your order by e-mail confirmation through the PayPal button on my website. The email message from PayPal will also confirm details of your purchase. That is when our contract is made. I will also send you an email message to you advising when the artwork will be posted and by what method, either by recoded delivery or standard post with tracking numbers for you to track the delivery. 

2.4 I may change these terms from time to time. The terms that apply to you are those posted here on my Web Site on the day you order Goods.

2.5 All descriptions, weights and sizes of Goods are calculated from me Andrew Alan Matthews the Artist, there may be a slight variation of sizes and accuracy. Accordingly, any such description shall not form part of this Agreement.

2.6 If the Goods you order are not available, I will offer you alternatives before I despatch your order. If this happens you may:

2.6.1 accept the alternatives I offer;

2.6.2 cancel your order;

2.6.3 leave the order valid but tell me to omit the out-of-stock item.

2.7 If I owe you money (for this or any other reason), I will credit your Pay pal account as soon as reasonably practicable but in any event no later than 30 days from the date of your order.

2.8 Your contract is with me, Andrew Alan Matthews 

3 Price and Payment

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4.2 I will use my reasonable endeavours to respond to any point of dissatisfaction by you, provided you contact me within 3 months of purchase.

5 Delivery

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6 Returns and refunds

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6.1 All correspondence regarding the return of Goods shall be carried out between You and me. 

6.2 You must tell me you wish to cancel within 14 days of your receipt of the Goods

6.3 In any event, you may not cancel orders for artworks commissioned by me Andrew Alan Matthews 

6.3.1 any commissioned artworks carried out by Andrew Alan Matthews would need to place a £30 non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of materials.

6.3.2 when the commissioned artwork is completed then the £30 non-refundable deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the artwork.

6.3.2 The Goods must be returned to the artist within 21 days of delivery:

6.3.3 with both goods and all packaging in their original condition;

6.3.4 securely wrapped;

6.3.5 including my delivery slip;

6.3.6 at your risk and cost.

6.5 After I Andrew Alan Matthews the artist has received the Goods, I will credit your PayPal account with the full purchase price of the goods returned no later than 30 days from the date of receipt;

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13 Severability

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14 No Waiver

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15 Dispute Resolution

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16 Force majeure

I am not liable for any breach of my obligations resulting from causes beyond my reasonable control including delays of third parties.

17 Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England. This agreement shall not be governed by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the application of which is hereby expressly excluded.