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There's much Art and paintings to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about me. I hope you enjoy my site and take a moment to drop me a line. 

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Who I am, Business mission statement and philosophy

Andrew Alan Matthews is a proud Mancunian Artist producing affordable original artworks of Manchester and beyond, My Brand Promotes positivity focusing on Manchester and the UK through my Art.


My philosophy, Brand and aim in life is to overcome negativity wherever that may be turning negatives to positives. This is based on my own personal experience of stress in life and how I have learnt to overcome this. 

By producing and selling my Artwork in the form of my products I have achieved this..

Motto - BEE positive, 

Frank sinatra song I did it my way 

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Manchester art

Modern Original Art, T shirts, Greeting cards

My brand offers Modern original art for your home and business at affordable prices.

My Retail ranges include Limited edition designer T shirts. including my positive cycle T shirt collection

Coming soon Greeting cards 

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Positive Vibes

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You, your home or business will love it. 


Buy a piece of  Modern Manchester and the UK and feel the positive vibes today.

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I produce and sell original hand painted artwork on box stretched canvas at affordable prices.

I accept commissioned artwork 

Limited Edition Designer T shirts available. designed by Andrew Alan Matthews.

I have a large selection of artwork available from my early collections, see my website pages for more detail

I can also undertake class demonstrations of how I produce my artwork in my style. 

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Limited Edition Positive cycle T Shirts now on sale. hurry while stocks last.


Turning Negatives to positives Art collection and presentation will be on display soon, watch this space for further updates. 

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St Pauls, London Bus & Telephone box by Night 

Everything was perfect. Bought as a gift for a friend


Extract from a valued customer


Greetings Maestro !

It was a pleasure to meet you and I am delighted to be the owner of your first “Moss Side Series” of work. 

You hardly need me to tell you, there is no shortage of talent in your hands and I hope that it can be commercially exploited to give the artistic freedom that you dream of…….

Very best wishes to you and your family for Christmas and New Year.



Moss Side Nostalgia collection

Hand painted Art

Modern Cityscapes of Manchester, Salford, London, New york and other cities around the world.

Commissioned artwork accepted

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Positive art products

My art products promotes positivity.

I produce original one off hand painted art on box stretched canvas 

I have designed & produced a range of limited edition positive cycle, designer T-Shirts now on sale

Positive cycle T Shirts for sale

Experienced professional Artist

Dedicated at producing affordable modern Art work for your home and business


Manchester Art on canvas

Buy positively good cityscapes of Manchester 

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Salford Art

Salford cityscapes on canvas

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London Art

Cityscapes of London

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Looking for Textile Designs ?

See my extensive range of textile designs for sale which can be used as a design or a piece of artwork for your home

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Looking for Still life Art ?

see my range of still life paintings for sale, they would look good in kitchens and dining rooms.

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Looking for tasteful nudes ?

See my range of nude paintings that would adorn your bedroom in a tasteful way.

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Looking for motorbike paintings ?

see my motorbike collections 

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Looking for Football art

See my collection of art on canvas of football grounds around the UK. T shirts, greeting cards 

I undertake commission paintings of football grounds in my style

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Looking for Children's art ?

check out my childrens books, greeting cards, T Shirts and designs

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Looking for Portraits ?

Commissioned portraits

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Moss Side Nostalgia

Moss side paintings 

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Looking for Pet Portraits ?

I undertake commissions for pet portraits

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Turning Negatives to positives Art & presentations

Work Stress


My work stress artwork & presentation highlights how I have turned negative stress into a positive 

click on the link below for the work stress Turning negatives to positives presentation and artwork.

Work stress link

Battle to fight negativity everyday

Go on buy a positively good piece of art today 

Why not buy a positive T Shirt and Battle against negativity every day.

 Be an everyday superhero 

BEE positive

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Positive Cycle t shirts for sale

Stress & Anxiety

My stress & anxiety artwork & presentation highlights how I have turned negative stress into a positive.

Click on the link below for the Stress & anxiety turning negatives to positives presentation and artwork

Stress & Anxiety Link

Piccasso's Guernica Essay

An interesting essay on piccasso's Guernica by Andrew Alan Matthews

A clear message of warning from the past by Piccasso  

Piccasso's Guernica Essay


A clear message to the government leading on from Piccasso's Guernica. negativity would follow on from breaking the democratic rights of the people. 

Do not destroy democracy and democratic principles. 

Brexit the way forward


My Dissertation completed in 1999 entitled 

"To what extent has CAD/CAM affected printed textile design and production"


About me

Andrew Alan Matthews Artist

 Andy  grew up in Moss Side Manchester in the 1970's and 1980's and has always been interested in Art from a very early age and has produced his Moss Side nostalgia collection which was sold to a private collector. He has good and bad memories of Moss Side and has made life long friends here. Manchester is in his heart and soul and he is a proud Mancunian.

Andy a Manchester based artist, was also employed in the textile design industry reproducing accurate, fine quality, hand painted artwork for many years. He reproduced artwork for all the leading textile companies in the UK. He then undertook a B.A.Hons Textile Degree at Manchester Metropolitan University graduating in 1999. 

He has produced many design pieces inspired by flora and fauna throughout his career and has widened his knowledge in other areas. His subject matter is varied and he has produced watercolours, gouache, acrylic and mixed media artworks over many years which have shown his virtuosity in differing styles. 

He has produced children’s illustrated books which have been inspired by his daughter’s love of reading and was determined to produce them for her education and enjoyment. 

Andy has produced commissioned artworks of still life, landscapes, portraits and has sold artwork to companies and private collectors.

Andy has put emphasis on the use of dark and light in his city scapes giving a modern urban feel and depth to the artwork. Andy has developed his own unique style of painting inspired by L.S Lowry's characters using loose free flowing brush strokes and palette knife and ink allowing the characters in the paintings to evolve from the paint. 

Andy has recently completed his cities of the world collection, Salford Quays and Manchester by night collection all depicting skylines at night.

Andy will be continuing with his cityscape collections concentrating on vibrant Manchester and London scenes, he will also explore and produce impressionistic, themes from still life to nude abstraction with the main focus on linear marks, balance and colour. 

Andy likes the works of L.S Lowry, Michelangelo, William Morris, Picasso and Salvador Dali. Vincent Van Gogh

My Life story link

Urbis and the printworks by night No2

This painting was donated for a Charity Raffle with the COOP to raise funds for Blood Bikes Manchester 


They are proud to be supporting the NHS, St Annes Hospice, The Christie,Human Milk Bank.

They deliver blood and other services 

there service is FREE OF CHARGE to any NHS or Hospice establishment. 

This is a worthy cause to donate to.

I am a Biker and was involved in a motorbike crash back in 1986 and needed blood when I had an operation. Also my wife needed a blood transfusion when giving birth to my daughter Emily. 

Modern Cityscapes of Manchester for Sale

Shudehill Manchester by dusk

These modern artworks of Manchester, London and other cities from around the world would adorn your home and business and compliment your modern lifestyle. 

Original modern Art at affordable prices

Manchester Cityscapes

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Andrew Alan Matthews

M23 0DX, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom


Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm

Saturday - Sunday 9am - 8pm

Canvas Art & paintings  sent by RECORDED DELIVERY.

Delivery only in the UK 

Artwork comes with a signed certificate of Authenticity

I accept commissioned artwork

Contact me for any enquires and to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Andy donates to charity Mind & Cystic fibrosis trust

BEE positive